European popular golden brown and black wigs


European popular golden brown and black wigs

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European popular golden brown and human hair lace wigs
black wigs , Asian women suggested the use of purple or brown, red and black better. Purchasing a wig, you will find a lot of problems, so let us first understand some of the wigs and know-how to buy it!
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Preferably daily wig color similar with their hair color. Note also the place in the temples and forehead, a wig should be relatively thinner, so it will be appropriate with the skin. Buy a front wigs , the need to bring tape measure. Wig too easy to slide, shift, too small to wear a longer period of time can be painful. So you have got a good amount before their head circumference, long hair and good lace wigs , the best dish after measuring the size, buy the next can be measured to determine whether the size of the wig for black women wigs
News: the need for a lighter. When buying
human hair wigs for black womena hair from the hair extensions on the fire pulling it. Artificial hair: the rapid combustion, no smell. Human hair: slow burning, it has smell. Touch: If the boss will not let you go to burn his front lace wigs , prepare a handkerchief or tissue, dry your hands touch. Artificial hair: thickness of the line, finger comb a few times more prone to static electricity. Human hair: the problem of transmission of nutrition, human hair is thick on the detailed, down to comb fingers will be inserted inside astringent
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