when you want to buy a wig


when you want to buy a wig

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To select a wig can get excellent qualityafrican american wigs brand or understand the counters to large shopping centers to buy, pay attention to see what you have to buy the wig telephone or distributors, manufacturers address, whether the eligibility criteria, with or without washing label , identifies a low-end products will be unclear or counterfeit products, there is no quality assurance. From raw material costs, the price of high-quality wig four or five hundred dollars or so in general, domestic and imported raw materials, combined with the hair extensions should generally be about two hundred yuan for sale, consumers should carefully choose the time of purchase, and tried on many occasions, comfort when deciding to buy.

Tips to buy a wigafrican american hair wigs
1, to the right sizes, wigs are just the temples location consistent with their sideburns.
2, wig materials in general, there are two: one is real hair, one is artificial hair, it is best to use real hair to do caps, true they have not dyed black hair had natural black hair is appropriate.wigs for african american women
3, bottom front lace wigs embryo (the mechanism that a layer of hair at the end), it is better permeability good, not very smooth, thin fabrics as well. Very smooth background, stability is not easy wearing.
Wearing human hair wig , wearing their own response to the lace wigs for african american womenmirror, his hands holding a set of temples at the hair and began wearing the head should be slightly forward that has to be observed when the mirror is, after, and then hold down the top of the hands is sent to thelace wigs for black women appropriate set of backward position so far.


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