Use and maintenance of wigs


Use and maintenance of wigs

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“I like all kinds of wigs , when nothing to do I will be wearing it, but a long time that I didn’t wear it which will feel not clean, how to clean and maintain it?”
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1, carding action to light: the use of front wigs should be preceded brushed, wearing wigs to sort out just fine after a bit. Sparse comb wig is generally used well, carding a wig comb when the method used Diagonally not to proceed straight comb, and be light.
full lace human wigs2, do not use hair clips: In order to prevent the wind blow away the lace wigs , some people like to use hairpin caught wig. However, the clip can not be too fat exert oneself, or else, easy to hook the network sets a bad wig. Therefore, it is best not to use hair clips, you can use decorative hair wig in place.
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3, wash your hands summarized twist: often wear front lace wigs , usually half an appropriate washing. brushed with a comb before washing the wig, and then diluted conditioner human hair wigs for black womenwhile washing solution side comb. Cut can not be summarized with both hands, twist, but can not leave foam in the washing liquid in the wash. The application of hair with both hands gently along the direction of drift net above the bubble, and then dry, remember that exposure under the sun.wigs for black women


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