Egyptian front wigs


Egyptian front wigs

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Egyptian front wigs , black and slightly bent, human hair lace wigs
but not hair-like. Women all the hair cropped short, just like American girls, like most modern hairstyle. All men shave and wear a wigs. Most of his head shaved. To wear a wig lady, who also shaved his head.
full lace human wigsEgyptian customs, wig is proportional to the length and position in society. Therefore, the longest country wigs is the king’s front lace wigs .black women wigs

The Egyptians will be full of wearing a wig, but other levels
human hair wigs for black women of the Egyptians would keep her hair very long, or Shucheng pig tail shape. In the 12 years before the Egyptian boys will usually shaved their heads, unless Shucheng braid pulling shapes. Hair shaved to avoid lice and fleas. After entering dynasty era, from slavery to the King are beginning to use lace front wigs , the most common is a short hair wig. Like slaves, the image of Scribes, the natural extension of the hair a little bit short hair.
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