the material wig


the material wig

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In the past, the pursuit of most synthetic wigs full lace wigs
styling products, but the highest price of 200,300 yuan, and now we can department stores, large shopping
human hair wigsmall to find some of the big brand fashion wigs, fine workmanship, design, breathable, material really there are synthetic hair, the high degree of simulation, even if you look close, too real to the enemy. Different from previous sales of front wigs , their layout is like the hair salon, as a personal guide to select and try on, but also professional service.
lace front wigs
According to the material points, with full real hair lace wigs , real hair fiber and chemical fiber mixed three, full real hair wig made very early, very high asking price, and usually only make hair straight hair
full lace wigs human hair, because curly hair, the prevalence of hair, and now the prevalence of the latter two as a material — in particular, curly hair, mix a certain proportion of synthetic front lace wigs , easier to shape and take care of. Since very high degree of simulation, not a professional to teach road, with the naked eye is almost impossible to separa
lace wigs human hairte true and false to their material.


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