Remi hair, also called Remy hair


Remi hair, also called Remy hair

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Remi hair, also called Remy hair, has become all the rage. full lace wigs
The term Remi hair is recognized as being of high quality. Remi hair is more expensive than other grades of human hair. It is used in full lace wigs and the highest quality hair extensions. When purchasing Remi
human hair wigsair, you must make sure it is authentic. If the hair has been chemically treated in any way, it is not true Remi hair.First of all, if it is priced considerably lower than Remy hair lace wigs then you should be suspicious. Second, look at the hair. It should have a lighter color at the bottom than at the top. Finally feel the hair by running it between your fingers from top to bottom, it sh
full lace wigs human hairould feel smooth and sleek. Run your fingers in the opposite direction and it should feel rougher.
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Remi hair is most often sewed to a welt to prevent the hair from getting out of correct can offer best choice for virgin remy full lace wigs, hope you find best lace wigs for yourselves.

Remy hair is most often harvested from India. For this reason, many people believe that if it is from India, then it is Remy hair. This is not true. Many people also believe Remy hair to be virgin hair that has never been processed through color, or perm chemicals. However, not all Remi hair is virgin, and not all virgin hair is Remi as the true definition refers only to the way it is harvested.
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