Four Signs It's Time to Ditch Your Hairstylist


Four Signs It's Time to Ditch Your Hairstylist

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Every girl has a few important people in her life to make it runs smoothly. Her mother. Her girlfriends. Her gay best friend. And of course, her hairstylist. Of all of these people, the stylist should be chosen very carefully, because her contributions are sitting right on your head for the world to see.
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When you find the right stylist, you keep her forever. But there are some situations that scream that you should be looking for a new hair guru to do your ‘do. Don’t miss the signs it’s times to ditch your hairstylist :
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She doesn’t know what she’s doing. This is a no-brainer. If every time you leave your stylist it looks like a hyena did your hair, you are going to the wrong one. This also applies to the “One Trick” stylist. She’s perfect . . . at one style. This is great if you plan to wear the same hairstyle for the next thirty years. For those of us who want up to date beauty advice, it’s not.
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He overbooks. When your stylist overbooks, an appointment that normally takes two hours ends up taking half a day. Who wants to sit under the dryer for three hours because your stylist is working on the three other people he scheduled for ten a.m.? Not me. My time is just as valuable as his.
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She doesn’t listen to you. A good stylist understands that you’re the one who has to walk around with this on your head. She listens to what you want and what you’re comfortable with. When you say “trim”, she doesn’t hear “cut”. When you say “red”, she doesn’t hear “fire engine”.

He doesn't teach you. A chic new look doesn’t do you any good if you can’t recreate it at home If your stylist isn’t telling you about the hair products he’s using or showing you the best tools to recreate the look, he’s not doing his job.human hair wigs for black women

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