the hair extension capital of the world


the hair extension capital of the world

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"As Good Hair shows, it's a widerlace wigs for african american women world than most would expect. Rock follows the trail of relaxing potions and human hair extensions to the many Korean and lace wigs for black womenChinese-owned businesses which dominate the U.S. market, then learns from celebrity interviewees such as Raven Simone and both Salt and Pepa that the highest quality weaves come from India, where women have their heads shaved. The shorn locks are then shipped to Los Angeles—"the hair extension capital of the world"—where they can be resold for thousands of dollars."
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Guess where The Look Hair and Makeup is located? You guessed it Los Angeles, CA- The Hair Extension Capital. It is no wonder so many people are seeking quality hair extensions from Read what our customers are saying about our hair extensions:full lace wigs


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