Hair extensions worth thousands stolen from UK store


Hair extensions worth thousands stolen from UK store

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THOUSANDS of pounds worth of hair extensions have been stolen from a specialist salon in Worcester in a theft which may force the business to go under.
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The extensions, valued at £20,000, were stolen from SHE in Lowesmoor, Worcester, between 11pm on Thursday and 5.45am the following day.
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Karen Robinson, aged 38, who has run the family business for two-and-a-half years, said she was three-months pregnant with her third child and did not need the stress of a burglary.
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“I just can’t think what whoever took them is actually going go do with them as they are really easily identifiable and there are not many businesses who do what we do,” she said.
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“I was away for a few days when it happened and have come back to find a situation that could easily mean we go under. We are going to quickly put as much back into stock as we can and hope to be able to do so by being granted a delay in paying rent and anything else we can do to see us through.”

She was on holiday in France with partner Stuart Baldwin, aged 45, when the thieves struck.
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She is now offering a £500 reward to anyone who can help trace the thieves, who did not take the glue or other items that go with the extensions.


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