How to Keep Your Full Lace Wig from Drying Out


How to Keep Your Full Lace Wig from Drying Out

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Someone online asked a question on how to keep full lace wigs
your full lace wig from drying out. What works for me is Palmer’s Olive Oil Formula with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. I have been using this on my full lace wigs for a while and it keeps my wigs in pretty good condition.
human hair wigs This Olive Oil Formula is already a conditioner for the hair and scalp which people also use to keep their braids soft and shiny. I spray a little on my full lace wig the night before I shampoo it, then I tie a scarf or satin cap to sleep in. Then in the morning I shampoo it while
lace front wigsI am in the shower. Take a look at what is in your shampoo. You do not want a shampoo with a lot of alcohol in it. That also dries out the hair.
full lace wigs human hair Once it is clean, I put regular hair conditioner on for a few minutes before I rinse it off. Then I spray on leave-in conditioner, towel dry it, blow dry with a cool or warm blow dryer, or sit under a warm dryer (not hot) for a few minutes. This leaves my wig soft and manageable and not dried out.
This is not something you have to do over night. I also have done this right before I was ready to shampoo it. About an hour or half hour before you shampoo your hair,
lace wigs human hairspray a little of the Olive Oil Formula on it. Then shampoo in the usual way. IT WORKS!!!


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