Custom Wigs, and Inventory Stock Wigs.


Custom Wigs, and Inventory Stock Wigs.

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When you are shopping for a full lace wig, you will noticefull lace wigs human hair
that there are 3 kinds of inventory to choose from. There are In Stock Wigs, Custom Wigs, and
lace wigs human hair Inventory Stock Wigs. The In Stock Full Lace Wigs are already made and typically come in standard cap sizes such as small, medium and large. They ship to you within 1-2 business days.

Custom Full Lace Wigs are designed based on all of your specifications such a
cheap lace front wigss measurements, color, length, hair type, lace color, texture and other options that can be customized just for you. Custom wigs take 6-8 weeks to be designed.
cheap full lace wigs
The Inventory Stock Wigs are wigs that are already made, however, are kept at our other facility. They also come in standard cap sizes of small, medium and large.
cheap lace wigsThey ship to you within 7-10 business days.


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