Full Lace Wigs: In Stock Wig Verses Custom Wig


Full Lace Wigs: In Stock Wig Verses Custom Wig

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All three of these are Premium Quality human hair lace wigs
Full lace Lace Wigs. They all originally took 6-8 weeks to design. On a monthly basis, we manufacture 2000+ wigs to keep on hand as inventory for customers who do not wish to wait the 6-8 weeks for a custom wig.
full lace human wigsTherefore, once these wigs are designed, they are available for delivery much faster.

Please keep in mind, not everyone can fit a standard cap size. black women wigs
So you will want to make sure you do your measurements and then compare them to the measurements listed in the in stock wig description. We also may not have your specific colors in stock and therefore you may want to place a custom order.
human hair wigs for black women
Either way, you can rest assured knowing you are buying a Premium Quality Full Lace Wig whether you purchase an in stock wig, inventory stock wig or custom wig.
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