a Raquel Welch wig.


a Raquel Welch wig.

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The new Raquel Welch 2011 Spring Collectionfull lace wigs human hair
has arrived! A beautiful collection with seven new wig styles. New wig technology continues to advance with each new collection. All these wigs are inspired by the iconic Raquel Welch. She continues her partnership
lace wigs human hairwith Hair U Wear who uses the industry’s leading designers to manufacture wigs using cutting edge technology.This collection incorporates four wigs that have monofilament tops, three of them also have lace fronts. The monofilament tops allow you style p
cheap lace front wigsart the hair in different places which lets you change your style. The lace front gives you a hairline that is very natural looking so no one can tell your wearing a wig. The foundation of this collection is a 100% human hair wig, with a hand-tied cap, a monofilament top, and soft flexible lace front called Applause. The hand-knotted cap is the most
cheap full lace wigs sophisticated available in wigs today. It takes the styling versatility of the monofilament caps one step further, in that the entire make up of the cap originates from the fibers being hand sewn together. This gives the wearer a more secure fit while maintaining the comfort you’ve come to expect from a Raquel Welch wig.
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