Choose hair wigs tips


Choose hair wigs tips

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Choose hair wigs tips Kasi material of good choice,full lace wigs
do not buy domestically-made filament yarn is not easy to comb. Japanese silk easy to comb, e
human hair wigsasy to chaos, long life, good; Korean silk can not help but wind, the wind on the tangled mess, a bad comb hair gel can not be painted; Kasi disorder is not easy, easy to comb, long life, than Japan silk is more like real hair.
lace front wigs
Choose yellow front wigs hair color for dark brown, blackish color, choose light brown skin, brown white, black, burgundy, blue. This skin color for almost any color, but hair color is too bright, so your face looks very pale, with no blood.
full lace wigs human hair
Reddish skin dark green, dark purple, dark brown. Not suitable for this type of skin color dye red or warm red wine color lace wigs , but for the cool dark green. Deep golden yellow or dark brown is very suitable. Shallow black brown, streaked. Because skin color is dark, so try to use bright colors. Coupled with better coloring, but note that the color of dye is best to light brown. Yellow wine, red, blue and black,
lace wigs human hairdark brown. Yellow or orange hair extensions series is absolutely forbidden things! Such color for light olive to suggestions of blue or green dye.


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