Wig Past and Present


Wig Past and Present

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wigs , the ancient Chinese said Di, Bi, Ti, refersafrican american wigs
to non-human natural growth out by the simulation of artificial hair, to wear for different purposes.
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Ancient and modern performing arts actors when the show will use wigs, some need to wear special costumes for the performing arts, such as clowns, child fashion
african american hair wigsmodel catwalk, singers, etc. but also used front wigs . Other non-professional nature of the performances, such as costume party, cosplay, but also often use wigs. In the UK and most Commonwealth countries, the wig is a barrister and one of the judges of the court costumes. This coupled with gowns and wig giving a solemn ritual of feeling, but also a symbol of the British judicial system.
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Today, people in everyday life are sometimes used in a wig. Some people want to save the hair care, hair conversion time, will wear a wig to convert a different hair style. Hair loss or thinning hair, and who will make their hair with lace wigs look more dense, some local hair wig is designed for local people of the word. As the local hair loss patients, mostly men, while men are mostly bald hair loss, will look more old, so many bald men are wearing wigs, make them look younger. Some because of cancer chemotherapy and hair loss, as well as a round bald the patient will wear a front lace wigs , some white-haired man in order lace wigs for black womento reduce the number of Black hair and wear a wig to cover his head partially out of the new long hair.


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