the design of this hairstyle


the design of this hairstyle

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Short stature, gives the impression of small size,
cheap lace wigsso the design should be stressed hair fullness and charm, the overall ratio, the length of the impression should be noted that the establishment should not choose holiday wigs , the hair should not do a rough and fluffy. Plate made available to increase height, but also in how to make hair and delicate, fine efforts.
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Stocky figure: squat people as possible to make up their own shortcomings in the hair to emphasize the design of the overall development trend upward, the choice of a level of short front wigs , forehead, hair type, and so turned Alice. Should not choose alace wigs human hair long wave, long straight hair lace wigs .

Tall stature: the design of this hairstylecheap lace front wigs
, you should strive for elegant, healthy, joy and beauty, to reduce the impression of large and thick. A simple short hair extensions as well, but the straight hair, long wavy, hair, set hair,
cheap full lace wigs short hair style wigs can also be used where appropriate. Avoid complicated front lace wigs tricks, pretentious.


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