Describes the type of wig hair and identification techniques


Describes the type of wig hair and identification techniques

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The materials used to make wigs there african american wigs
are many different times and regions use different materials, a certain use wigs have
african american hair wigs specified materials. Modern wigs in addition to traditional natural materials, there are a number of chemical fibers such as nylon, fiberglass, rayon and other materials. While wigs for african american women
domestic production is currently on the market can be divided into front wigs , synthetic hair, mixed hair three categories.

lace wigs breathability, moisture absorption, comfort imitation, really high, long life, the second shape, high melting point of adhesion is not easy (easy care). Human hair by not dyeing, processing of hot girls pull hair along better. But it is the high cost of stereotypes is relatively weak, if it is a pure preparation of the wig by hand, the price is more expensive.lace wigs for black women
Synthetic hair extensions has the advantage of superior hair memory effect, and overall has a strong support and Punta flowers. There is a low melting point, but it easily
lace wigs for african american women after adhesion friction, not a second shape, human hair relatively short life.Japan Kani Ka Lun silk fiber material and the German top quality silk for the best lace front wigs .


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