the “Kashi Emperor ( KSD) pure manpower to weaving hair extensions


the “Kashi Emperor ( KSD) pure manpower to weaving hair extensions

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Today, a beautiful unit internship students, or young full lace wigs human hair
and good, pretty girl, tall and Ye Hao, also dressed fashion, life can really particularly like more like a friend, which would allow three of us a longer follow the young people. Soon, my little pretty c
lace wigs human hairolleagues said, girl you this hair is fake, huh To be honest, I do not see it, or small pretty eyes, ah, little girl knowing smile. Then I have a whim, I thought that was shelved a year ago in the Hai Kashi Emperor (KSD) custom-made wigs woven pure manpower, I try it, or pointing up of people wearing very nice success.
cheap lace front wigs
Today called again to Kashi Emperor (KSD) of the Nanjing East Road headquarters to consult: How to wear a beautiful front wigs can now finally know, Kashi Emperor (KSD) c
cheap full lace wigs onsultants patiently explained to me a long time. Sticking: first hair comb, divided into two pony tail tied to the back of the head position, and then use the U-card to a fixed, one can do to prevent hair fall, and second, to prevent their hair exposed on the lace wigs , the More importantly, the head space that can be straightened, so that the hair look more full.

Finally done, Well, I feel really successful, and really no different, especially in the context I do not know the truth really is not easy to find, either color or hairstyle is very realistic, but also thanks to the “Kashi Emperor ( KSD) pure manpower to weaving hair extensions ,
cheap lace wigsthe genuine, even if I idle for a year, or no fade, dry feeling


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