Chinese opera, the wigs is the “first line”in the “head-face


Chinese opera, the wigs is the “first line”in the “head-face

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Chinese opera, the wigs is the “first line” full lace wigs human hair
(costumes, props, collectively) in the “head-face ‘(head ornaments) a part of a” soft head, face,
lace wigs human hair“one of many types, Actors will perform wearing a wig. Usefulness of these real hair wig system is also useful yak wool, coarse silk, made of yarn.Male angle (including health, net, end, b), the wig has all the top (the whole head full wrap), the top half (head Ears
cheap lace front wigsnext section), front wigs as the rest outside “first film”, referring to the temples and the beauty tip of the hair piece, by the cheek of the place will be yellow rubber adhesive, then place by head fixed with a hairpin or hairpin. Different roles have different wig. Sometimes accompanied by a different style of lace wigs, such as poor performance, when coupled
cheap full lace wigs with down and distributed. Another rejection hair, hair on the temples, baby hair and so on. Rejection, also known as water, fat, hair, used to show the role of panic, anxiety, panic, despair, even madness and other emotions. Can be expressed as a different image of the disheveled, disheveled, Diukuixiejia, unkempt, etc., actor performances often long hair swinging in a continuous struggle to show people by stimulating the body reaction, therefore, “rejection made” in the name In addition to modeling, it is also a special dance tool, actor head and neck to the use of work roll with a particular skill brandish made to characterize emotional rejection, known as the “rejection made power.” Play a middle-aged and elderly men will wear called “Rankou” false beard, Rankou shape, color also represents the role of identity, character, etc., can also be used to fiddle Rankou movements express
cheap lace wigsemotions that as “Rankou power.”


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