lace front wigs light of various type


lace front wigs light of various type

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Female roles are called “bulk” of the hair human hair lace wigs
extensions, will use one kind of lock into a lock, known as the “film” of the wig, paste prior to use hair bands to their hair tied back, the film dipped in water, wood shavings comb flat along the hair bands attached,
full lace human wigsone end of the oval-shaped tablets for a few bangs, put the end of taper of the two temples, face width inward stickers, face stickers out small, can face modified into a oval face. Combed the hair bundle at the edge and then plug in tin and other accessories, will coupled with real hair or other hair material compiled Jia Ji (usually buns), and then plug hairpin, hairpin, Zhu Hua, top flowers, such as hair shaking step.
black women wigs
lace front wigs light of various type and usage of local opera and drama, business, the role of different slightly different, but the basic shape is similar. Actor need to convert the right plot development in accordance with the wig. Previous line of “clothing, helmets, miscellaneous, the” four suitcase system, wigs and beard mouth when not called before a hybrid will be placed inside the trunk box. To “six box”, the raw angle wig and beard on the mouth called “human hair wighuman hair wigs for black women
” suitcase, the female roles of the wig is stored in another called “hair table” of the trunk, by the part-time female roles to play for the film, makeup, hair technicians, wigs for black women“hair master tables” finishing.


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