lace wigs styling hair


lace wigs styling hair

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Can be divided into fiber wigs and hair quality. human hair lace wigs
Because the texture of different wigs, comb and care methods are also different. Fiber wig with no deformation characteristics of washing, but washing hands can not rub, or it will stick with the phenomenon. Washing:
full lace human wigsAfter the wig wet with warm water, placed in warm water with shampoo soak for 5 minutes; in tap water, shampoo, dirt removed, rinse with water bubble; the wig conditioner containing the Baptist black women wigs
water for 5 minutes, then rinse; brought out a wig on a towel on the touch, absorb moisture; sort fluent, natural dry, dry immediately after restitution. Wear a wig before hair should be combed overall, wooden comb to comb the main tool. Do not comb after wearing a large area, only for
human hair wigs for black women a simple partial adjustment. Quality front wigs with hair hair soft, flexible, authenticity and strong features. But after washing the deformation, the need for modeling process.Washing: the wig soak with water, soak in warm water with shampoo, hand gently, wash the dirt; washed with water to foam, then rinse care; wig brought out after the wash, dry towel touch, absorb moisture; the wig on the shelf in wood care, comb smooth. According to the hair needs for flowers or hair coiled shape. After each washing the hair quality wigs need to re-shape, according to the need to use a variety of hair combing tools.
wigs for black womenQuality lace wigs styling hair that most of the bracket on, but the process should be repeated in the operating units in the wearer’s head Look at the effect, so that it suits the face. Wig in the action should be gentle when combing, not pull hair roots. Hair styling, the heat should not be too strong wind.


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