the kind of change the new style — fashion hair wigs


the kind of change the new style — fashion hair wigs

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Traditionally, the wigs or hair loss in older people,full lace wigs
only those who need the hair sparse. But the trend of constantly changing, the top pattern is no exception.
human hair wigsFrom 2009 onwards, haircut, perm, hair color, the kind of change the new style — fashion hair wigs , and gradually accepted by some people. Popular in this unit on top of the article as “false ” trend, Jinhua, two teachers, from e-commerce to sell wigs, they are defined Ltd. Wuyi Variety Yan Lei and Wang Hui.
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In a gathering, Yan Lei, the fashion front wigs which he first heard of this product. whether there are opportunities in wigs? The next day he went to understand Taobao found that only three sellers in the sale, most consumers still remain in the understanding of the wig “only bald, white hair, people with less fat Get on the wig, entirely functional needs. “Yan Lei and his partners to discuss that fashion wigs, for the pursuit of fashion, individuality of women, the market has just started. The competition is not fully established at this time the industry involved in
full lace wigs human hairthe early advantage. Analysis from the target customer groups, since the young women often go to transform hair into the lace wigs salon, the same customer once the wig like this product, and the market has been popular, like the wig will be repeated as the jewelry consumer, industry great prospects.
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