a big fan of hair extensions


a big fan of hair extensions

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Change people’s consumption concept full lace wigs human hair
and awareness of beauty, coupled with a model wearing a wig female stars, such as Fan Bingbing is
lace wigs human hair a big fan of hair extensions , make a wig to make up for deficiencies by the property quickly to consumer goods, fashion ornaments Changes in consumer
cheap lace front wigs attributes, the domestic consumption boom is taking shape wigs.Early to start using the ancient Kingdom of wigs, women’s wigs are mostly made ​​of human hair. In wigs form at the bottom of the formation of numerous ventilation holes, gaps between the wig
cheap full lace wigs and scalp to prevent heat. To the Old Kingdom, the production technology to improve wig, hair becomes longer, the princess wigs are often made ​​of wavy hair, or made ​​into rope-like, in which only the hair on the countless sets of thin gold rings, and then the hair curls into a spiral roll, extravagant.
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