in ancient Egypt


in ancient Egypt

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Four thousand years ago the ancient Egyptiansafrican american wigs
began to use wigs , but also the world’s first nation to use wigs. The length wig, style, social status and age by another. present the popular “Magic-style” compared to ancient Egypt wig really a bit similar .
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2000 BC, ancient Egyptians used front wigs to become the world’s first people. The beauty of the ancient Egyptian women attending the festival occasions, when coupled with the gorwigs for african american women
geous fragrance of the cone on the wig accessories, wig into the emitting bursts of fragrance. 800 BC, the wig spread to Europe from ancient Egypt. Ancient Greek and Roman become lace wigs center of Europe.”Book of Songs” have records about the face of a beautiful woman wearing a
lace wigs for african american womenwig; which demonstrated as early as the Eastern Zhou dynasty, women wearing wigs become a popular form of ornaments. 100 AD, the Roman emperor Trajan became the first monarch to be recorded use of the wig. In european everyone sought after on to the Royal,
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