make hair extensions deformation


make hair extensions deformation

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A variety of fashionable hair, which actually is the best for you? Good hair does not want to realize how to do one? Perhaps the wigs can help you find the answer, you meet the girl to make a fashion Variety. Who do not want others to see you at a glance is very unnatural to wear the wig, the wig in the choice of which details when it should pay attention to, the following answered the questions.
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1. in the purchase of front wigs , you should choose the color of your hair close, so even if inadvertently exposed the original hair, it will not be attractive.

2. To select the right wig to wear elastic, otherwise it would cause scalp discomfort.
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3. In addition to pick your favorite color and style, you should also carefully check the size of wigs and quality. Buy it after be satisfied with all aspects.lace front wigs
4. Also note that the place in the temples and forehead, a little lace wigs should be relatively thin, so it will fit with the skin.
5. maintain the wigs must be clean, because the dust and other air pollutants are easy to make a wig color degree lower, it should be cleaned regularly, especially in the sweat, dust, many of the summer.
full lace wigs human hair
6. Before wearing wigs, comb his hair should be smooth, and then firmly fixed her hair, and finally clamping with the hairpin.lace wigs human hair
7. To make hair extensions deformation, in storage, which need to set the helmet on, and then build up a clean gauze to prevent dust.


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