How do I apply my lace wig?


How do I apply my lace wig?

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Lace wigs are attached by using adhesives which comelace human hair wigs in the form of liquid or tape (or you could use both). The method you use will depend entirely on personal preference. full lace wigsOur Research team keeps up to date with all the latest technological developments and the most reliable adhesives being produced. Please visit our DIY installation guide online for more detailed information.human hair wigs
We also offer a professional installation service at an additional cost. If you would like to utilise this service, them please let us know your postcode and we will ask your local Lace Wig Elegance stylist to contact wigs

Can I dye, perm or blow dry my wig? lace front wigs
Our wigs can be treated in much the same way as your own hair. They can therefore be permed, coloured or heat treated. However, great care should be taken in treating your wig to reduce the likelihood of damage.


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