How should I care for the human weave hair?


How should I care for the human weave hair?

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Curly and Wavy hair weave needs hydration, use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners
Comb weave hair before washing to prevent tangling
Treat weave hair like you would your own hair
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How should I care for my hair when wearing a sewin weave?
Weave wearers need to maintain their scalps: use tea tree oils and tea tree cleansers.
Keep hair hydratedhuman hair wigs for black women
Wear sewin weaves for up to 8 or 10 weeks max. Wearing hair weaves for 3 months or longer may lead to tangling, matting or worse locking.wigs for black women
Use a hair steamer for a steam treatment after coming out of a weave. You can also get the same hydrating benefit by steaming hair in a wet steam room. While you will have tremendous hair growth wearing weaves because your own hair is not being manipulated. However, your own hair will need a good hydration treatment after removing the weave. This is why Tara's clients have been able to grow their own hair is because of this routine steam treatment after removing a weave.african american wigs
It is perfectly fine to go back into a weave after removing a weave so long as your own hair gets the necessary hydration steam treatment. Tara also recommends that her clients alternate between full weaves, partial weaves styles and non weave hairstyles


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