The Amanda Monotop Wig


The Amanda Monotop Wig

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Jon Renau has been *** high quality wigs for years. full lace wigs human hair
Wig *** technology has advanced a lot in recent years though, so these wigs are skillfully
lace wigs human haircrafted with the new techinque of the front hairline being hand-knotted. This way the fibers are using exclusive Swiss lace in, over and under ventilating construction. This permits the wearer to have a natural look to their hairline.
cheap lace front wigs
Their unique construction provides a double monofilame
cheap full lace wigs nt crown as well as a polyurethane lining on both the ear tabs and hairline which allows the wearer a much more comfortable feel and fit than traditional monofilament. This also allows the hair to lay in multiple directions
cheap lace wigs on the top of the wig, which standard wefted wigs cannot do.


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